Morocco Compact - Small-Scale Fisheries (Final): Endline Fisher Survey Data Set

  • Original Title:
  • Knowledge Product Type: Data Set
  • Study Phase: Final
  • Rounds Date: 2021
  • Citation: Mathematica. “Morocco Compact - Small-Scale Fisheries (Final): Endline Fisher Survey Data Set.” Washington, DC: Millennium Challenge Corporation, September 15, 2022. doi:
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Endline fisher survey data were collected by Mathematica during August and September 2021, referencing activities in 2019. From an initial random sample of 1,993 fishers across all project sites, a total of 1,579 fishers completed the survey. The survey included the following topics:

  • Costs:
    • Capital costs: cost, typical lifespan, and age of major equipment
    • Fixed costs: boat maintenance, insurance, etc.
    • Variable costs: fuel, bait, etc.
  • Catch:
    • Volume of fish caught, disaggregated by species and buyer type
    • Techniques taught in fisher training and whether fishers have adopted those techniques
    • Fisher’s assessment of fish quality
  • Sales:
    • Price per kilo, disaggregated by species, of fish sold outside the auction hall
    • Buyer information
  • Other fisher benefits:
    • Professional organizations available
    • Services provided by professional organizations
    • Social security benefits